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The Shulan College of Chinese Medicine was established by Prof. Shulan Tang in 1993 in Manchester UK. We have been committed to teaching and disseminating Chinese medicine in Britain, Europe, and now, countries all over the world.

As of May 2018, the college has been accredited by the FTCMP (Federation Of Traditional Chinese Medicine Practitioners) ensuring that our courses are always of top quality. The Shulan College was established in 1993 by prof. Shulan Tang, and has been at the forefront of education in Chinese medicine ever since, promoting high standard training for students throughout the UK and Europe. The college is now located on Parrswood Road, Didsbury, and has: 3 training rooms, Clinic, Treatment rooms, Consultation room and Large private car park.

Your journey into Chinese Medicine begins here…



Tuina, Herbal Medicine, Acupuncture diploma course 


Master Degree

TCM , Acupuncture

Master degree course


PhD Degree

TCM, Acupuncture

PhD degree course 

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