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Herbal Granules


​At Shulan, we offer over 500 single herbal extract granules, and over 500 single dried herbs.  Providing the highest quality herbs is important to us, which is why we have now teamed up with one of the most recognized manufacturers of herbal medicine in Taiwan (China), Sheng Chang.
Shulan are FTCM approved suppliers, assuring you that we meet the highest standards of quality control.
Sheng Chang product line is highly innovative in combining TCM with modern science and technology.  All active ingredients of raw herbs in Sheng Chang herbal granules are extracted by simulating the home-style decoction process, keeping the essence of conventional methods of TCM. Advantages of using Sheng Chang Herbal Extract Granules:
The whole ingredients of the raw herb are extracted.  Therefore the granules maintain a high content of active ingredients, and have significant efficacy.
Today, Sheng Chang Pharmaceutical has adopted “Scientific, Honest and Innovative” as its corporate philosophy. Utilizing their ancestral knowledge and employing leading experts, advanced equipment and modern facilities, Sheng Chang manufactures the safest, most potent and stable traditional Chinese herbal products. Sheng Chang’s reputation is shaped by their conscientious integrity, to nurture lasting relationships and to earn trust among respected practitioners, experts, lecturers, pharmacists, regulators, government bodies and all other industry professionals worldwide.
Please contact us by phone or email should you wish to place an order, or ask for a detailed price list.

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