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Prof. Guanhu Yang

Master/PhD Lecturer

Guanhu Yang graduated from Zhejiang Traditional Medical College and Nanjing Traditional. Upon graduation, Guanhu worked as an Assistant Professor and Professor at the Medical College of Wenzhou, China.

In 1993, Guanhu joined the staff of Toyama Medical and Pharmaceutical University, and From there Guanhu went to the Kanazawa Medical University of Japan and completed his Ph.D. degree in lung repair. After completion of his Ph.D., he continued his research in pulmonary biology at Cincinnati Children’s Hospital. Since 2003, he has opened two offices in Ohio to practice acupuncture. He also chaired as the director of the SHI acupuncture school and served as editor for numerous renowned SCI journal. He has been honored as clinical assistant professor at Ohio University and Chair professor of American-Chinese joint institute of Acupuncture & rehabilitation Medicine in Wenzhou Medical University. He also is professor in Doctoral Program at American Academy of Acupuncture & Oriental Medicine in USA. Guanhu is Vice President at American TCM Association. During his career, he has published 6 books and over 40 influential research articles relating to medicine.

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