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Dr. Bingsheng Yuan

Master/PhD Lecturer

BingSheng Yuan, Chief TCM Physician, own 30 years Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM)clinic practice experience. He is Vice Chairperson of Specialty Committee of Clinical Research for Ancient Classical Fommulas of World Federation of Chinese Medicine Societies(WFCMS), and Vice Secretary General of Specialty of Head Acupuncture of World Federation of Chinese Medicine Societies , Executive Council Member of the 1st Board of Committee of Famous Doctor’s Heritage of World Federation of Chinese Medicine Societies (WFCMS).

He studied TCM Acupuncture from 1987-1990 from Si-Chuan college of TCM , and then worked in TCM hospital in China from 1990-2017 (He also had Training TCM student doctors for over 10 years).The same time, he had another 6years part time studied TCM herbs from ChengDu TCM university(Undergraduate course)got TCM undergraduate degree, and 2years part time studied TCM combine western Integrative Medicine master Degree lessons from ChengDu TCM University in 2004-2006.

Started from 1997, he have one year full time training and then continuously part time train for complex and difficult clinic conditions’ from national famous TCM herbal medicine master ,Chief TCM Doctor,Pro.Li Kong-Ding,and then follow him for10 years. 2005 and 2006, he had 2 years part time training of complex and difficut clinical conditions with internationally renowned TCM acupuncture master doctor, Pro.Yang Jie Bin.

BingSheng Yuan used as a Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM ) doctor worked in TCM hospital (Clinic practicing and also training the student TCM acupuncture and herbs medicine doctors) in China from 1990-2007, and as a TCM physician work in UK from 2007-2019. From 1997-2018, he had published over 60 TCM herbs & acupuncture articles on the famous professional Chinese acupuncture and TCM journal, and international TCM journal or important TCM conference, including TCM gynaecology, internal medicine, pediatric medicine, dermatology, traumatology, TCM acupuncture for Emergency treatment, etc. He has been invited Editorial Board and/or editors by Journal of Chinese Medicine In The UK, Macao Journal of Chinese Medicine,Traditional Medicine Research (First Editor Board ),etc.

In 2003, he had passed the review and was awarded the TCM Attending Physician qualification from the Ministry of Health of China. 2007, he got TCM doctor work permit from Home Office(UK)to come and work in UK , 2012,he had opened his own TCM Herbs & Acupuncture clinic in Roherham and then moved back to Doncaster. 2015, he had passed the examination and assessment for international Chinese medicine Professional title, with the approval of the Examination and Assessment committee of international Chinese medicine Professional Title of WFCMS. He is granted the title of Chief TCM Physician.

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